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Nuova Coppa Pianisti

Osimo International Piano Competition
Osimo Piano Hours Festival

The Osimo International Piano Competition seeks to provide an opportunity for Italian and foreign pianists to meet, and to encourage young talents with cash prizes, scholarships, concerts, and educational activities to promote and facilitate the study of piano and music.
The Competition resumes the tradition of the "Coppa Pianisti" of Italy, the oldest competition to categories of our country that has - since 1968 - 37 editions.
Our Vision? To foster individual growth and offer an opportunity to exchange artistic ideas and repertoire in a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere dedicated to music.
The competition will make available the prestigious Yamaha CFIIIS or Yamaha CFX in the historic and uniquely beautiful setting of the “La Nuova Fenice” Theatre (600 seats). The acoustics of the theater are perfect not just for concerts but also for recordings.


Nuova Coppa Pianisti

Nuova Coppa Pianisti - The Rules and Regulations 2023

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